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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

We are delighted that the first feedbacks from our sessions have landed in the mailbox. 

One of our clients, Orsi, was able to fly but she felt so uneasy that she was trying to avoid it at all costs. Even the thought of flying or the image on an airplane made her feel anxious. She was scared of falling, dying and of lack of control. With our technique we very smoothly identified several root causes of her problem. Even such a specific problem as the fear of flying can have a wide range of causes and these can be very interesting and even surprising. Orsi and some of our other clients are happy for us to share their story and so here it is...

For Orsi, the root cause of her fear of flying was the experience of almost drowning during childhood. It was the first time she experienced a fear of dying. The other contributing root cause started when as a child, she was living in a very high building, constantly being reminded by her parents about being careful and not falling. Both of these situations triggered her fear of flying. We guided and supported Orsi in cleansing both of these situations and now she is excited to fly again.

Jakub (30), also suffered from the fear of flying. The root cause of the fear was found at the age of 12 when he was riding a carousel. He wasn’t interested in the ride and didn’t want to go. However, his older friends pushed him into it. When rotating, he was afraid of flying off his seat, falling and dying. After having cleansed this root cause of his fear of flying, Jakub feels happy to take a plane again.

Hana (16) was afraid of both flying and heights. The root cause was hidden in her experience at the age of 6. She and her family went on a trip and got to a view-point. She was too small to see over the fence. Her father wanted to help her and pulled her up, but she didn’t like it. After having told him to stop, he started to laugh at her and shake her body to pretend he was going to drop her. After we had cleaned this root cause she was looking forward to taking a flight soon.

Yes, it is that simple. 

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