It is windy and cloudy. Autumn is here and bumpy flights as well!

Greetings, our dear readers.

Summer is over and in Europe we can enjoy lovely autumn, its colorful leaves and romantic windy days. Fewer people fly for their vacation these days, however, the ones who have to travel even now, might not feel that romantic when watching the cloudy skies. The fearful flyers could feel the other way round - very nervous.

There is another story from our sessions, where we can see how easy it can be to find the route cause of your fear and solve it.

Let’s talk about Petr (32) who had his session last week. Having been a fearful flyer, he always tried hard to manage his fear of flying somehow. Obsessed with fear he went to the airport, felt very uneasy on the plane and in case of turbulence he felt even worse. Interesting is that Petr´s occupation is the meteorologist, so his lack of trust towards the pilots was getting stronger whenever he looked out of the window, identified the shapes of the clouds and recognized the storm coming. Totally in panic he had no belief that the pilots would know what they are doing. Petr did not want to live with his fear anymore, so he came to us.

Our session lasted 2 hours. We found the root cause at his age of 10 when he and his family were hiking in High Tatras in Slovakia. It was a very difficult track. They had to hike up along the chains where he as a small boy could see the enormously deep gap under them.

During our session we cleansed his fear of falling, dying and specifically "we will all die" worries. Then we concentrated on his unpleasant feelings towards his parents in that moment - "they chose the wrong path", "they have no clue what they are doing", etc.

Based on all checks our session and cleansing was successful and Petr does not have any unpleasant feelings regarding planes, flying or pilots anymore. Moreover, as he has written in his feedback, he is looking forward to his new flight and adventure. Congratulation Petr!

Even you can lose your fear of flying and enjoy your future travels again. We are here for you to help you or answer any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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