"I was well aware of my fear of flying, which I really wanted to get rid of as I love travelling and I wanted to enjoy flying and not count every second until we land successfully. I contacted Zdenka to help me get rid of this fear. During our session we explored this fear and found out that it is basically attached to another fear that had to be cleaned up (this was a huge surprise to me). Ever since the session, whenever I think about getting on a plane, it is a pleasant feeling and I am looking forward to my next adventure."  - Orsoyla

"I’ve had 9 flights during last month and for the first time I enjoyed all of them. It was so smooth and I didn´t notice that I was flying. The most surprising for me was that nobody put the seat down in front of me which used to make me very angry. I never said anything because I was too scared that I was going to die. All was perfect. I had a lot of space and I could even sleep during 13-hour-long flight which had been impossible for me before. Thank you so much Zdenka for your help. During our session you helped me to solve my problem that I’d had since I was a child."  - Petra

"I always felt uneasy when I had to take a flight. Business trip or vacation, didn't matter. I didn't have panic attacks or anything, but there was always this bad feeling, that something could happen. If there was any other way to travel instead of flying I'd take it. Planes for me were uncomfortable to sit in, not enough space, my back hurt. I didn’t trust pilots, I always thought that they didn’t know what they were doing. After the session with Zdenka we found a situation in my childhood which was the reason of my fear. We cleansed a lot of things and after the session I felt a bit different, like I was looking forward to my next flight, a new feeling for me. Three weeks later I went for vacation and my flight was ok, I slept through or enjoyed the view. I did not have any fear." - Petr

"My husband and I were going to Thailand and although I was very attracted by this destination, I was anxious about the flight for a few weeks. I was afraid of turbulence, of a confined space, of the height, of an accident and that I would not be able to make it with no one there to help me. I had terrible nightmares, I could not sleep, and calming medications were not a suitable solution for me.

I learned about the project Fear Of Flying Solved, which offers a way to get rid of the fear of flying. After about 2 hours of therapy, my fears eased. I slept well during the remaining nights before the trip and stayed calm without any problems.

The plane journey to Thailand went great. I had some very slight concerns, but the flight back was literally a joyful occasion. Even if it was a flight to Australia, I’d fly 🙂 I highly recommend this therapy to everyone."

- Marcela

"First, I was skeptical about online therapy. However, Zdenka was acting very professionally through the duration of the whole session which took 2 and 1/2 hours. She was very friendly, and communication with her was pleasant. I could see she has mastered the method and I felt that I could trust her throughout the session. I was surprised how deep can resolving the fear of flying lead and where it could get. So far, I’m not able to judge my actual feelings during a flight as I haven’t been on a plane yet. However, I’ll happily share my feelings as soon as I board a plane." - Jan